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Here is a gallery of all our works

French Country (Naive Collection)

This is the second painting from the ‘Naïve Collection’ following ‘Summer 2023,’ entitled ‘French Country,’ still signed by ‘Oliver R.’ It features some symbols of France, including the iconic 2CV and a girl on a bicycle.

Japanese dream

Here is the first piece from the Japanese series « Japanese Dream, » signed by « Oliver R » (signature in Japanese). Showcasing traditional Japan, playing with transparency that reveals the Geisha who appears in our dreams.

Like a woman

I wanted to show you « Like a woman », a superb watercolour. This creation was brought to life by chance, which makes it all the more magical. 

El Cuban Arte

This is the video that marks the end of the series about Cuba, ‘El Cuban arte.’ You can find the previous five episodes on the homepage

Joker Card Game #1

This piece is part of a set of 10 cards. You can find them on Instagram and Twitter. You can buy it on rarible.com




Panic at the Disco

Back to collage with ‘Panic at the Disco’ signed ‘Oliver R.’ In this painting, everything can be interpreted… I’ll let you imagine whatever you want

Guitar Rain

Here’s a new creation by Oliver R. « Guitar Rain » is a tribute to guitar heroes. It ushers in a new era of mixing watercolor and collage.

Summer 2023 (Naive Collection)

Here’s the first work in the naive collection by « Oliver R ». This composition is made up of naive collages, representing summer, the beach and the legendary combi. In idea, did you find Charlie? here, did you find the shell.

Monkey Rock Tour

A work from the « Oliver R » collection, a poster for a rock band tour with no real face. Available on rarible.com



Sea Home

Here is my new creation, the interior of a seaside house with a watercolor signed « Oliver R » on the wall. 



This series « Woman face » aims to showcase the expression of faces and eyes. Regardless of the colors, beauty, shyness, or any other emotion, it shines through. No artifice can conceal the soul of these women.

Oliver R (NFT Artist)

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